The Safe Finishing of your Sterile Product

Company presentation

EMA Pharmaceuticals is a leading European manufacturer of Aluminum Crimp Caps and combined Polypropylene – Aluminum “Push-Off”-Seals for Pharmaceutical Containers.

For almost a century, EMA Pharmaceuticals has been completely dedicated to the development and production of sealing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

As a partner of Confidence, EMA Pharmaceuticals serves over 170 production sites of injectable medicine worldwide with high-end seals.

Our community of customers is steadily growing. Among our customers, the leading Pharmaceutical companies rely on our know-how.

EMA Pharmaceuticals is a company with a management structure that delivers quick and efficient decisions. We are solely focused on pharmaceuticals and nurture a company culture which is based on good manufacturing practices and continuous improvement.

EMA Pharmaceuticals invests heavily in its Lailly-en-Val facility (near Orleans, center of France) and its processes, which ensure the delivery of state-of-the-art seals. EMA Clean Certified caps

Latest investments include washing and drying procedures, clean room technology and QA lab equipment in order to ensure the safe finishing of your sterile product.